Business Description

Our business

We are developing consumer, media, and SaaS businesses, focusing on smartphone applications.


Consumer Business

In Consumer Business, we offer applications for smartphones or web to general users on the iOS AppStore and Android Google Play Store.
We are able to ensure speedy, seamless, and highly user-satisfying service delivery by integrating planning, development, production, management, and operation in-house as a B-to-C business based on the cultivated expertise of services for cell phones in a variety of genres such as a tool, game, and matching app.

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Media Business

Media business develops and operates media focused on the advertising business.
We ensure high profitability by optimizing the media with achieving optimal ad delivery and high usability by means of analyzing user trends with utilizing smartphone apps as media as in Consumer business.
We offer a wide variety of genres, such as casual games, brain games, widgets, fonts, images, healthcare, and tools.
In addition, we are developing our global business by dealing with inexpensive advertising networks directly with overseas advertising agencies.


SaaS Business

In SaaS business, we are developing a business that provides application softwares on the cloud, mainly smartphone applications in B-to-B or B-to-B-to-C business.
We provide services with a high level of user satisfaction, achieved through in-house development and operation, focusing on management and communication applications for cram schools and various other schools, as well as applications for restaurants and other stores.
We also undertake the development of various business systems and services based on our advanced technological capabilities, including many years of knowledge in B-to-C business.