Business Description

Our business


Mobile App Development

YOURNET Inc. has been working on smart phone apps business since before smart phone apps were widely known.
Various apps, such as tool apps, and game apps, and ASOBO for social network, have been released by YOURNET Inc.
We are growing smart phone apps business with speedy and flexible development system by developing apps in-house.
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Web (System) Business

We plan, develop and manage an in-house web system all at once.
We offer the web system, such as Google's rich results tools and AI chat bot, based on "the sooner the better" theory.


Media/Affiliate Program Service Provider(ASP) Business

We are running an our own media and Affiliate Program Service Provider based on ad operations know-how through app user acquisition.
We are trying out to develop our own media and expand affiliate program services by a way to attract customers through a reliable relationship with overseas business partners.


Game Development

We have released a lot of casual apps in iOS App era.
We are now developing and running a room escape game, puzzle games and "Teku Teku ☆ Deco cake" as a dress-up social game.
In addition, we are launching web games not only apps and trying R18 games.
Some of our apps with highly regarded know-how are available on major platforms.